SashANation, Inc. Custom made Sashes

The telephone rings and the gentleman asks "How quick can I get a sash made"?. I respond "How quick do you need it" He said

"tomorrow, it's my wife's 50th. birthday and I'm having a surprise party for her, but I forgot to pre-order her sash. Can you help me out with this"? Luckily he lived relatively close to our shop and was able to pick it up the same day. When he picked it up he was so relieved and thrilled and said “A happy wife is a happy life”, and couldn’t stop thanking us.

We received request from another customer…..”My cousin is getting married and we’re all going to Las
Vegas for her Bachelorette Party” I would like Plum purple sashes with GLITTER white text for the Bridal Party

and a White sash with GLITTER purple text for the Bride. Can you do this for me"? Plum purple is not a color we stock,

but we were able to get it from our supplier within 1 day! The sashes were out the door within 2 days of receiving the order.

The finished product was gorgeous and the customer was so excited when she received them.  

From rush orders to custom colors we do it all.  Solid colors to glitter and rhinestones...

From subtle school functions to ladies night out and everything in between....The perfect sash is here!

Our commitment is to offer a quality product, reasonable prices, and made according to the customer’s specifications.

If our customer is happy then we’re happy! We strive to be the best in our business.


Let us know if you have a special request!


The SashANation Team

........we want to Sash A Nation with our custom sashes....